Advanced Metal Sales & Fabrication can handle any project in metal from simple, individual parts to complete assemblies. Below are examples of a few of our projects. Click on an image for more information.
Our OMAX waterjet can cut high precision, intricate shapes in a wide variety of metals. Click on the image for a few examples.
Custom power cabinets save on installation time. Our waterjet cuts all of the needed openings and our CNC press brake makes the required bends. The box is then welded, powercoated and assemebled to meet your specifications.
This roller is designed to hold large rolls of rubber. It will be motorized and have a brake to keep the rubber from unrolling. The motor and brake are to be added by the customer as per their request.
Advanced Metal Sales & Fabrication offers sandblasting and custom powder coating.
Railings come in many shapes and forms. Advanced Metal Sales & Fabrication can fabricate a railing to suit any need or situation from residential to large commercial facilities.
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